caring for cutting board with natural cutting board oil

We recommend that you wash all Blackline cutting boards with soap and water before initial use and expect that some colour may initially bleed. It should be noted that highly acidic foods, such as lemons or limes or berries, if left to sit on Blackline boards will affect the natural colouring. 

To maintain your Maple or Backline board's beauty for generations, clean it with gentle soap and water after every use, then dry it with a cloth. From time to time, particularly when the wood is dry or the finish appears dull, we recommend maintaining your board with our All Natural Cutting Board Oil. Regular oiling will help to prevent your board from drying out and cracking. Over time, continuous oiling will give it a healthy sheen and workable protective coating that will allow the wood to be washed with soap on a regular basis without drying out. Think of oiling as a protective moisturising step for your wood. We recommend applying a liberal amount of cutting board oil to dry wood with a clean cloth. Allow the oil to absorb into the wood (we usually let it sit overnight). Wipe off any excess oil with a clean, dry cloth or a paper towel. Clean it with soap and water. After approximately three applications of cutting board oil, you should notice that your board will become much more resilient to normal use, and require less frequent oiling.