The Simple Gatherings Collection

The second ILD Curated collection was inspired by the findings of the Harvard Grant study. Centred around the place where we frequently share positive interactions and cultivate warm relationships, the ILDN Simple Gatherings collection pays homage to bringing people together around the dining table. Our choice of items was inspired by keeping gatherings simple while making them feel special

“Happiness is love. Full stop.”

After studying adult development for more than three decades, George Vaillant concluded that warm relationships are the pivotal element that helps people to thrive throughout life. The second ILDN curated collection was inspired by the findings of the Harvard Grant Study and aims to make creating gatherings simple but special...

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Thoughts on Happiness


A clear understanding of what happiness is can help us to understand the choices we need to make in order to attain it. The last 25 years have seen psychology and other sciences dedicate an increasing amount of attention and resource to understanding happiness. At the forefront of this endeavour is Dr Martin Seligman's research in the field of positive psychology. His work offers a simple introduction into current scientific thinking on what exactly contributes to happiness and well-being... 

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Thoughts on finding flow

INGREDIENTS LDN Thoughts on finding flow

There are two reasons why we do things in life. The first is to achieve an outcome. The second are those activities that we pursue for their own sake and not in order to achieve another outcome. Shifting the focus of our actions away from ultimate goals and back onto the activities themselves can have a profound effect on how we begin to feel about what we do leading to greater engagement and ultimately greater happiness...

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Thoughts on Love and Work


Freud famously said "love and work are the cornerstones of our humanity". The feature film The Painted Veil is a quiet but poignant illustration of how important warm relationships and the meaningful use of our time are for our well-being. We explore research that demonstrates that the idea proposed by Freud over a century ago is still as relevant today as it was then...

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