INGREDIENTS LDN stone tumbler
INGREDIENTS LDN stone tumbler INGREDIENTS LDN handmade stoneware tumbler INGREDIENTS LDN grey hadnmade ceramic tumbler INGREDIENTS LDN handmade grey tumbler INGREDIENTS LDN Sheldon Ceramics tumbler UK

A beautiful everyday tumbler ideal for serving water, coffee or even wine when a more relaxed or rustic feel is called for. We appreciate these understated vessels for the comforting way they feel in hand; covered in a smooth matte glaze they are the ideal size and weight to hold comfortably. 

Our hand-thrown ceramics collection is carefully chosen to blend seamlessly with your existing kitchenware. As a result, the pieces can be collected one by one, slowly, over time.

The beauty of handmade ceramics lies in the unique variation and individual character of each piece. Skilfully hand-thrown using stoneware clay, each stone tumbler is fired, glazed and re-fired in a process that takes several days to complete. The all natural, non-toxic matte stone-coloured glaze is enhanced by subtle nuances of blue and lilac. Mixed from scratch and custom formulated to create just the right colour and texture, this glaze looks organic and understated and yet is full of surface variation. As the result of an intentional glazing process, the glaze is applied quite thickly and begins to take on a variegated and textured appearance, ultimately bringing more depth and complexity to a single glaze.

Each piece starts from natural ivory clay and is hand-crafted in California in the Sheldon Ceramics studio, one by one, making no two pieces exactly alike. Peter Sheldon has honed his craft all over the world and uses unique processes, such as a 5th-century firing technique, to achieve the signature relaxed yet refined look of his pieces.


Size: 7.6cm (D) x 9.5cm (H) though exact sizes may vary. We celebrate the variations inherent in handmade items, we hope you feel the same way. 

Volume: approx 290ml

Handcrafted in California.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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