scented candle with ceramic lid
scented candle with ceramic lid Love warriors snake scented candle snake scented candle white

The scent of sandalwood and vetiver grass in a hand-crafted candle made of a natural palm wax blend. Derived from sustainable palm kernel oil, a natural alternative to petroleum-based wax, this candle offers a longer burn time and a much cleaner burn. The candle comes in a ceramic jar with a snake lid, which can be used to store other treasures after it has burnt out. This wonderful natural candle has a light fragrance strength and a 100 % cotton lead-free wick.

The Danish term hygge goes far towards illuminating why Danes rank among the happiest people in the world. The term refers to the feeling of creating a warm and comforting atmosphere and enjoying the simple pleasures in life: cosying up under a blanket with loved ones, gathering around a table to savour a good conversation among friends and of course, candlelight. The warmth of candlelight creates a comforting atmosphere that encourages a slower pace. It can transform the mood of a room making the everyday feel extraordinary. 

Size: 10cm (dia), 13cm (H) 
Material: ceramic, natural wax
Scent: sandalwood & vetiver