Eco travel cutlery holder
Eco travel cutlery holder REUSABLE UTENSIL ROLL Reusable cutlery holder Sustainable and eco utensil holder

The utensil roll is such a pretty way to help us reduce our use of plastic cutlery and disposable eating utensils.  Though it works just as well as a make-up or paintbrush case, pen and pencil holder or carrier for small knitting needles, its purpose in design was to encourage a move away from disposable cutlery, chopsticks and straws and to make bringing our own eating utensils pretty and easy. Designed with not only the waste produced by disposable utensils in mind but also reducing the waste that results from remnants of fabric scraps. Each piece is crafted from carefully selected fabric scraps that most companies consider waste and that would otherwise most likely end up in a landfill. 

Designed and created by Ambatalia for a non-disposable approach to the tasks of daily life. Ambatalia’s philosophy encourages a more considered way of living and aims to inspire joy in change through ethically made textile goods that help us to bypass single-use disposable packaging. Ambatalia nudges us towards considering how our daily choices impact the world we live in from the companies we buy our goods from to how we carry out everyday tasks like eating packed lunch to buying and transporting food. This pursuit is less about ‘perfection’ and more about building a deep awareness and implementing the change we wish to see through small, compounding actions. Ambatalia aims to inspire thoughtful living while helping us find pleasure in daily rituals.

All Ambatalia textiles are sustainably crafted in California using only 100% natural, sustainable materials such as organic cotton, unprocessed linen and recycled and reclaimed fabrics.  Created by Molly De Vries, each product is thoughtfully designed with both function and a timeless aesthetic in mind. Molly prides herself in being part of the slow movement where quality, ethical and sustainable production and the joy in daily rituals are a priority.


Size: 45cm long, 12cm wide, fold length is flexible from 22cm up to 30cm. 

Materials: made from sustainably produced organic cotton and unprocessed 100%  flax linen

Designed thoughtfully and manufactured ethically in California.

Care: All Ambatalia products have been designed to accommodate shrinkage while using hot water. While the fabrics can handle a warm wash and tumble dry on low heat, we recommend a cool water cycle and line drying which are more environmentally friendly and preserve the fabrics for a longer life.