INGREDIENTS LDN mixing pouring bowl
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This handmade stoneware mixing bowl is functional and beautiful. Subtle, tactile and timeless, it is the ideal kitchen tool encouraging slow food preparation that should be savoured, not rushed through. The unglazed stoneware clay body is softened with a milky white-glazed interior and finished with a subtly curved pouring spout. Weighty but not overly large, it is the perfect size for mixing and baking but is equally well suited as a serving bowl for salads and fruit.

The beauty of handmade ceramics lies in the unique variation and individual character of each piece. Skilfully hand-thrown using stoneware clay, each piece is fired, glazed and re-fired in a process that takes several days to complete. The traditional white glaze is custom formulated using all natural, non-toxic materials that are nevertheless hardy enough to withstand daily food prep.

Each piece starts from natural ivory clay and is hand-crafted in California in the Sheldon Ceramics studio, one by one, making no two pieces exactly alike. Peter Sheldon has honed his craft all over the world and uses unique processes, such as a 5th-century firing technique, to achieve the signature relaxed yet refined look of his pieces. 


Size: 26cm (D) x 11cm (H) though exact sizes may vary. We celebrate the variations inherent in handmade items, we hope you feel the same way. 

Volume: approx 2.5 litres 

Handcrafted in California.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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