INGREDIENTS LDN handmade stoneware fluted side plate
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Glazed in a matte off-white, this wheel-thrown side plate is finished with hand-carved fluting. Organic and full of texture, the subtle variations in profile create dynamic curves when several plates are stacked on top of one another.

Based in Long Island City, New York, Judy Jackson has honed her skill as a potter over decades. With a belief that design should be functional and enduring, Judy uses stoneware for its durability and finishes her pieces with custom glazes.

Judy is the founder of Tribeca Potters, a bright studio in Long Island City, New York, just outside of Manhattan. She shares the space with several other studio potters with whom she occasionally collaborates exchanging skills in throwing or glazing expertise. Before commercial glazes became widely available, many potters were handed down custom glaze recipes from the people they worked and trained with. Judy continues to use the glazes mixed in her studio according to handed down and new recipes, still favouring these to the commercial glazes widely available today.

Judy divides her time working between her shared studio in New York and one in the countryside where her work is punctuated by hikes with her two dogs.  


Size: 21cm

Material: Stoneware

Handmade in Long Island City, New York

Care: dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.


Note: Each piece is handmade and therefore expect that every individual item will be unique. Small variations in shapes are part of the appeal of these pieces and small flecks or imperfections in the glazing are part of the hand finishing process. We encourage you to embrace these as part of the charm of the unique artisanal process and to not look upon them as flaws. The range is finished with a matte glaze and as with all matte glazes, marks from sharp objects such as cutlery will begin to leave their trace with time and use.

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