Welcome to ILDN

an online homewares store that celebrates a slower pace of living.



Philosophy | a slower pace of living

Slow living is about taking time to do things with care and intention. It’s a recognition of the importance that time and attention play in enabling us to savour the small moments that give everyday life meaning and value.

We like to think that if we use our values to shape our homes our homes will, in turn, shape the life that unfolds within them.


Curation | a thoughtful approach to homemaking  

The idea of what an object will be when in use lies at the heart of our curation. How will our products feel when they are held? What will the experience be of using them? What events can they facilitate? What emotions are evoked by the stories of how they were created? The answers to these questions are given as much consideration as how our products look. Thoughtfully crafted items have the power to elevate the ordinary. They invite people to slow, savour and enjoy, drawing attention to the significance within the rituals of daily life.

We hand pick products that contribute to creating warm grounded interiors. A soft, subtle colour palette and simple, quality design out with the ebb and flow of trends create a timeless aesthetic that will look as good in years to come as it does today. Our products are selected with the intention that they will mellow over time, allowing the traces of their use to become a part of their story.

Our collections focus on natural materials rich in texture and character: linen that becomes softer with time and use, sustainably harvested wood, soft hand-loomed cotton, handmade stoneware, copper that develops a unique patina over time.

We support small makers and artisans dedicated to their craft. We believe in the value of their work. The objects they create are rich in narrative and the idiosyncrasies inherent in their process carry within them all those lovely, subtle nuances lost in modern production.


Customers | an affinity for the soulful

We know our customers have an affinity for the soulful. They believe that the objects they surround themselves with are better when they tell a story. They know that the mark of true luxury lies in the dedication to process, material, and design. They are drawn to investing in the future over following trends and feel that the value of objects only increases with time as they capture and preserve the story of their use.


Process | the stories that come with things

Each object in our store has passed through our hands. We consider the story of the makers and their process, the story of the material, and the stories that will be created once our products end up in your home. Our aim is to ensure these stories are rich in narrative making them worthy of your time and attention.