black teapot white cup set
black teapot white cup set black porcelain teapot and white cup set matte black porcelain tea pot white porcelain tea sipping cup

The dragon egg teapot has been influenced by one of the most classic Chinese teapot shapes. In this elegantly minimalist version, dark charcoal is mixed with the purest clay from Mount Jiuhua. The carbon particles not only absorb excess chlorine from the water, they also boost the pot’s insulation. Because there is beauty in contrasts, the dark teapot has been paired with four delicate light sipping cups handmade from the finest porcelain. Theirs is a quality you can literally see: hold them up to the light and the porcelain appears translucent.

High-quality whole-leaf teas can be infused multiple times, releasing subtly different aromas and flavours with each infusion. Smaller-sized teapots are designed for this purpose, enabling you to enjoy your tea to the fullest without having to use an excessive amount of the precious leaves. In addition, brewing larger amounts at a time with a bigger pot means tea sits around for longer before being drunk, which can affect its taste. A succession of smaller infusions, on the other hand, means your tea is always fresh and flavourful making smaller teapots such as the Dragon Egg Pot, ideal for truly savouring the full flavour intensity of high-quality loose-leaf teas. 

Size: 190ml
Material: porous stoneware

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