INGREDIENTS LDN Handmade small ceramic vase
INGREDIENTS LDN Handmade small ceramic vase INGREDIENTS LDN short simple matte white case IMGREDIENTS LDN Notary ceramics vase UK INGREDIENTS LDN handmade short white ceramic vase Short ceramic vase in matte white glaze Short simple handmade vase UK INGREDIENTS LDN handmade matte white ceramic vases

The smaller counterpart to our Simple Matte White Vase, this short vessel features a distinctly stout silhouette and soft smooth edges. The relatively narrow opening makes it perfect for holding single flower buds and small branches. 

Powdery matte white glaze covers smooth ivory clay. The glaze does not quite reach the base leaving an unglazed bottom rim that highlights the full beauty of the smooth pale clay.

Designed by Sarah Van Raden and individually crafted in Portland, each piece is hand thrown in Sarah's beautiful bright studio.  Her warm homey earthenware is characterised by simple clean lines that are soft and easy to live with. All Notary ceramics are handcrafted out of clay made in the Pacific Northwest using only the highest quality raw materials sourced from around the United States. Made in small batches with great care, each piece is a little work of art.


Size: cm 10cm (D) x 5cm (H)

Handcrafted in Portland, OR.

We celebrate the variations inherent in handmade items, we hope you feel the same way. 

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