INGREDIENTS LDN terracotta plant pot
INGREDIENTS LDN terracotta plant pot Bergs Potter Copenhagen plant pot Bergs Potter Copenhagen plant pot UK Bergs Potter Copenhagen plant pots UK COPENHAGEN PLANT POT IN PALE ROSA

Soft rounds decorate the top of what is an otherwise classic plant pot adding a little texture to an elegantly simple silhouette.  When searching for the perfect plant pots we wanted something timeless but still decorative enough to add interest to an interior. Finished in the palest rose colour and complete with matching overflow saucer, the simple form and neutral colour allow the exceptional quality of the clay to take centre stage as the main design feature.

Designed in Denmark and handmade in a small, family-owned workshop in Tuscany, Berg’s Potter have been making the highest quality terracotta clay pots since 1942. With sincere respect for the ancient earthenware craft, each pot is handmade in the heart of Tuscany by a passionate Italian family of clay artisans. Terracotta, meaning baked earth, is one of Italy’s oldest crafts. Tuscan clay dug from rich Italian soil is used to make these simple terracotta pots, thoughtfully designed to be decorative and durable. As the pots age, their patina will improve becoming more beautiful from one year to the next.

Berg’s Potter pride themselves not only in the beauty but in the strength of their pots. Their strength and durability come from firing the clay at very high temperatures resulting in a pot strong enough to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Proper drainage gives the plant’s roots room to breathe while the superior quality clay holds in the moisture the plants need to grow and thrive. The clay from the pot's body is left untreated while the clay from the saucer is covered in a light layer of silicone, making it completely waterproof. The exceptional quality of the clay also means that the Bergs Potter plant pots don't need to be glazed. The unglazed, untreated clay soaks up water allowing the plant's roots access to moisture while at the same time allowing the water to leave its marks in a unique patina that will build up slowly over the years.

Berg’s Potter take great care to ensure that sustainability runs through every stage of their production, from the quality of employee working conditions to using ECO labelled products wherever possible and minimising waste at every point in production. Should a pot break, for example, shards are given to local farmers to be used as gravel for their courtyards. Berg’s Potter never use chemicals to seal the surface of their raw clay pots which is better for the plants and better for the environment. 

Offered in three sizes:

Small:  approximately 11cm (H) x 12cm (Dia)

Medium: approximately 13cm (H) x 14cm (Dia)

Large: approximately 14cm (H) x 16cm (Dia)


Handmade in Tuscany, Italy


Please note that due to the weight of the plant pots they are only available for purchase within the UK with a limit of 5 plant pots in any size and style combination per order. We can try to accommodate shipping for countries outside the UK but please contact us at before placing your order.