Stone washed tea spoon
Stone washed tea spoon INGREDIENTS LDN stone washed cutlery Bricklane stone washed cutlery INGREDIENTS LDN stone washed teaspoon

The hallmark of our Stone Washed Flatware is its rectangular-ended silhouette – a modern take on the traditional Fiddle Pattern which had its origins in France in the late 17th Century. Italian-made and created with care for the environment from carefully selected raw materials, this flatware is built to last. Each piece is forged from high-quality stainless steel and achieves its distinctive aged matte finish through a delicate stone washing process.

We love the versatility of this flatware; it can hold its own through passing trends and seamlessly integrates with other flatware designs to create a relaxed curated look. The distinctive yet restrained silhouette makes it the definition of a great basic, equally as comfortable in formal settings as in everyday ones. 

Size: Teaspoon length 15cm

Also available as part of a four-piece set

Material: stainless steel 
Made in Italy 
Care: Our Stone Washed flatware is dishwasher safe.

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