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Bone coloured clay enveloped in a thick layer of the most unique glaze: soft white crackle covers the outside and pools at the bottom of the inside of this bowl to form ice-like crystals that give the glaze its distinct name of snowflake crackle.  

The small bowl fits neatly into the palm of one hand and is perfect for serving oils, salts, dipping sauces and spices or as a decorative bowl that can hold trinkets and jewellery. Each bowl has a beautifully imperfect form that is so typical of hand-finished ceramics. The body is entirely glazed, inside and out, leaving only the very bottom of the base bare.  

The distinct crackle effect is achieved through differing contraction of glaze and clay body resulting in crystallization and the formation of crackle patterns unique to every individual piece. To achieve this effect, the glaze is applied in a thick layer carefully adapted to the thickness of the clay body in exactly the right balance. When the balance is just right, the crackles appear layered on top of one another to form what looks like ice crystals.

Designed and handmade by Studio Kryszewski, every bowl is created in her shared studio space in the former industrial district of Poblenou, Barcelona. Poblenou has evolved from industry to one of Barcelona’s main creative hubs where designers, makers and other creatives work and collaborate within former industrial factories. With a focus on the interaction between clay and glaze, Studio Kryszewski makes every piece by hand to ensure the perfect balance between clay body and thickness of the unique glaze.


Approximate size: 9cm (Dia) x 3cm (H) though every piece is unique and size variation is an inherent characteristic of these handmade items.

Material: stoneware

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain

Care: we recommend that the bowls be washed by hand however occasional runs through the dishwasher are also ok.

Please note that darker colour liquids such as oils or dipping sauces such as soy sauce will cause discolouration between the cracks of the bowl. While we appreciate these natural signs of wear and use within objects if you do not like this effect and don't want the bowl to become discoloured we would recommend only placing solid ingredients into the bowl such as salts and herbs or light coloured oils and sauces.