Love warriors chocolate body scrub
Love warriors chocolate body scrub Lova warriors moon child botanicals Lova Warriors chocolate body scrub Lova warriors chocolate body scrub

The fragrant chocolate body scrub has been developed by the Love Warriors of Sweden in collaboration with Balinese artisans who have worked with herbal remedies for two generations. Together the team have come up with an all natural formulation that is effective yet gentle to skin. Wonderfully cacao scented and naturally exfoliative, these scrubs leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth while offering the ideal way to slow and enjoy looking after yourself. 

Properties: renews, rejuvenates and moisturizes your skin, excellent for removing dryness

Instructions: mix a small amount with warm water, apply thinly to your skin, let dry for one minute and gently scrub off in a circular motion

100% natural ingredients
Size: 10cm (H), 110 ml
Ingredients: red rice, organic honey, coconut cream, volcanic rock, chocolate powder, cinnamon powder