INGREDIENTS LDN sickle shaped artisan dust brush
INGREDIENTS LDN sickle shaped artisan dust brush sickle shaped redecker dust brush UK INGREDIENTS LDN sickle shaped artisan dust brush sustainable ethical dust brush

Made from waxed beech wood and only the softest goat hair, our Sickle Shaped Dust Brush is designed for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as glass tables, shelves, ornate furniture and pianos. Made from all natural ethically sourced materials, the silky hair on this beautifully formed brush makes light work of heavy duty dusting!

Designed and handcrafted in a small family owned brushworks in North Rhine-Westphalia. Redecker Brushworks was established in 1935 by Friedrich Redecker who, after becoming blind at the age of four, mastered the artisan craft of brush making to ultimately produce some of the finest brushes and cleaning tools we have ever encountered. Today, under the care of the third successive generation, Redecker is one of the last remaining artisanal brush house factories in Germany. Using natural, sustainable and ethically sourced materials Redecker combine artisanal craft with beautiful design and perfect functionality.

Cleaning is a chore, but beautiful tools and an intentional approach can transform chores into rituals making the process almost meditative. We hope this brush makes your work that little bit more enjoyable.

Made of all natural and ethically sourced materials. 

Size: 34.5cm (L), 10cm (W)
Handmade in Germany