Black creek mercantile trading co maple cutting board UK
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Pale blonde maple wood meets artisanal craftsmanship to create an heirloom-quality cutting board. Thes boards have a timeless shape that features softly rounded edges and a flowing form. A bold loop handle trimmed with hand-carved detailing at its base, makes these boards easy to display when not in use. 

Designed by Josh Vogel in Kingston, New York, each board is hand-crafted in the Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co. workshop. Celebrating the poetry in process Josh combines form and function to highlight the beauty of natural materials and the value of simple production processes. Each board is made from a single piece of maple, sustainably harvested and carefully selected for a distinct character that lends itself perfectly to becoming a beautiful and functional cutting surface. The wood is hand-carved to create a smooth silk-like finish, wonderful to hold and even nicer to work on. Unlike many factory-produced boards, this approach results in a surface free of glue seams, designed to last for generations.

These small-scale produced boards are made to order in limited batches maximising the material used and minimising waste. Each board is unique due to the naturally occurring variations in the grain of the wood. The boards come tempered and pre-finished with the finest hand-made cutting board oil that works with the wood to protect it from within. The oil allows the wood to breathe while facilitating the grain’s natural ability to heal itself. 

If used often and taken care of properly the boards will only become more beautiful over time becoming an heirloom piece rich in personal stories that can be used for generations. 


Small 16cm (W) x 37cm (L)
Large 21cm (W) x 47cm (L)
The measurements include the handle and may vary due to the handmade nature of each item.
Material: maple
Handmade in Kingston, New York


Care: To maintain your board's beauty and functionality for generations follow our care instructions and oil from time to time with a high-quality cutting board oil.

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