INGREDIENTS LDN iconic unglazed mortar and pestle
INGREDIENTS LDN iconic unglazed mortar and pestle Milton brook mortar and pestle UK Wade ceramics milton brook mortar and pestle old apothecary style mortar and pestle uk unglazed mortar and pestle uk Milton Brook mortar and pestle UK ICONIC UNLGAZED MORTAR AND PESTLE

An iconic mortar and pestle designed by Milton Brook of Wade ceramics that has been in use for over 100 years. Originally created for laboratory use, it quickly became a staple for professional chefs and amateur cooks alike. The strong, dense non-absorbent porcelain meant that pharmacists could rely on no cross-contamination between uses. In the kitchen, this same property ensures that smells and flavours are not carried over from one use to the next. 

The pestle has been perfectly balanced to make it efficient and easy to use while the mortar is weighty enough to be stable while you work. The matte unglazed surface offers just enough resistance making the pounding process smooth and easy. 

Pounding food results in a unique flavour extraction that is different from other crushing methods. Thai curry, for example, needs to be pounded rather than blended in order to achieve just the right flavour combination. Our unglazed mortar and pestle can be used for crushing avocados for guacamole, for making homemade pesto or hummus, for crushing whole spices or home-dried herbs from the garden. This traditional method of crushing ingredients is a wonderful way to slow down in the kitchen and can serve as a tangible reminder that sometimes the process can be just as enjoyable as the outcome.

Originally manufactured in Stoke on Trent, England for over a century, the manufacturing process is now in Vietnam where each item is made to exacting standards in a factory regularly audited by Sedex to ensure it complies with strict ethical practices.


mortar diameter 13.5 cm, 7.5 cm tall
pestle 8.5 cm 

Material: unglazed vitrified porcelain and sustainable beech wood.


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