INGREDIENTS LDN eggshell dinner plate
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Featuring a flat plating surface and subtle, curved rim, the elegant and light form of these dinner and salad plates offers ample surface space for the perfect presentation of food. The custom eggshell-glazed inner surface contrasts with a raw blond stoneware exterior and rim that create a tactile appearance and texture. Their flat surface offers the perfect canvas for food; enhancing and complementing rather than overwhelming, they work equally well as dinner plates or serving trays for foods such as cakes, fruits or cheeses.

Our hand-thrown ceramics collection is carefully chosen to blend seamlessly with your existing kitchenware. As a result, the pieces can be collected one by one, slowly, over time.

The beauty of handmade ceramics lies in the unique variation and individual character of each piece. Skilfully hand-thrown using stoneware clay, each plate is fired, glazed and re-fired in a process that takes several days to complete. The matte eggshell glaze is mixed from scratch and custom formulated to create just the right colour and surface texture. The unique colour is the result of a temperamental and delicate process that requires precision and expertise. This all-natural, completely non-toxic glaze represents the outcome of dozens of trials ultimately resulting in a perfect, timeless colour. The matte eggshell glaze contains pigments that allow the colour to shift and blend in accordance with its surroundings, appearing a deep rich cream in one moment, but shifting to an almost pure white when used alongside other white-glazed dinnerware.

Each piece starts from natural ivory clay and is hand-crafted in California in the Sheldon Ceramics studio, one by one, making no two pieces exactly alike. Peter Sheldon has honed his craft all over the world and uses unique processes, such as a 5th-century firing technique, to achieve the signature relaxed yet refined look of his pieces.


Side plate: 20cm (D) x 2cm (H)
Dinner plate: 25cm (D) x 2cm (H) though exact sizes may vary. We celebrate the variations inherent in handmade items, we hope you feel the same way. 

Handcrafted in California.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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