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Travelling alone can be both isolating and magical. Lost in our own minds we drift through the bustle of busy airports and noisy train stations, all the while as if in a dream. Unfamiliar hotel rooms can evoke a lonely yet contemplative feeling. When travelling for work, most people who find themselves in hotels alone are quietly absorbed in their own worlds. But there are small rituals that can tilt the experience of travelling alone more towards the sublime than the lonely. The Traveller Giftset was created with this intent in mind.

Sitting alone on a long-haul flight, when all the lights have gone out and the cabin settles into slumber, beyond the discomfort and boredom there is a sense of peace to be enjoyed. Warm under the small blanket provided on long-haul flights we can disappear into the sent underneath our own sweater. The all natural perfume oil, small enough to take in our hand luggage, drifts towards the nose with the heat from our body. It is most potent when we are cosy and warm. Alone, away from home, the perfume oil offers comforting natural smells that can move us to a quiet, peaceful space in our minds.

Landing alone, hazy-eyed from a night of interrupted sleep, the move from plane to taxi to unfamiliar hotel spaces can leave us feeling jaded. The door to a strange room swings open with the mechanical sounds of the card key. It reveals a space that is the same as so many others we have been in before and yet at the same time feels strange and unfamiliar. There is little atmosphere and we begin unpacking our belongings in an attempt to make it feel a little more our own.

Striking a match, the warm golden glow of the Travel Scented candle starts to flicker. Within minutes the room is filled with the comforting scent a loved one has chosen for us for this very moment and the room starts to feel a little warmer as we settle in for the night.


The Traveller Gift Set Contains a travel sized perfume oil and travel-sized scented candle, available here.

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Images above show the Traveller Gift Set, Handmade Copper Watering Can, Pearwood Dusting Brush, Natural Hemp Palm Broom.



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