Waiting for guests to arrive with lunch already prepared, we find ourselves with a few spare moments and few spare oranges too. Winter is full of comforting experiences. One of those lovely experiences typical of winter is that everything is filled with warming, welcoming scents. And indeed, it is such a simple way to create a welcoming atmosphere in wintertime: allow the house to be filled with the smells of cardamom, cinnamon, orange and clove.

Taking out the simple beautiful tools that make cooking a joy, a solid cutting board, a razor-sharp knife, a mortar and pestle, we use the few spare minutes to prepare a pot of simmering scents to welcome in the festive season and our guests.

Crushing the cardamom pods and grinding the cloves with easy, round strokes all of the spices blend into a beautifully fragrant powder. Slicing the oranges, throwing in a few cinnamon sticks and sprigs of rosemary, a simple pot of boiling water is transformed into a natural diffuser. In minutes the kitchen is filled with the warming smell of Christmas and the scent starts to travel throughout the house as the doorbell rings.


The Cook Gift Set contains the Iconic Unglazed Mortar and Pestle and Pallares Solsona Kitchen Knife in Medium, available here.

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Images above show the Cook Gift Set containing the Iconic Unglazed Mortar and Pestle and Pallares Solsona Kitchen Knife in Medium, Maple Cutting Board, Eggshell Spice Jar, Simple Bowl and Spoon, Copper Kettle, Pearwood Dust Brush, Simple Pouring Bowl, Tall Simple Pitcher and Natural Handwoven Trivets.



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