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natural kitchen with textured plaster walls

The spaces we inhabit and the objects we fill those spaces with, tell a story whether we intend them to or not. These stories matter, not because of what they signal to others but because of what they signal to us. Only when the designs of our interiors are created in line with what we value most and when they facilitate the feelings and activities that nurture our minds and bodies, can our spaces begin to really feel like our home...


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potted plants for interior decor

Incorporating plants and foliage into interior decor is one of the loveliest ways to create a natural home and to bring an interior to life. Plants, flowers and foliage, whether fresh or dried add colour and texture to a room, creating a natural look and feel. In addition to adding texture and colour, potted plants add life into a home, not only contributing to the look of the room but also changing how it feels to spend time within it.

As part of creating a natural home, we have wanted to introduce plant pots for potted plants into our product offer for quite some time now. We are pleased to introduce our new range of handmade terracotta plant pots.

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